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Johnny Be Good

Organic vegetables

Beetroot dices
Ready in 2 minutes


Brussel Sprouts whole
Ready in 2 minutes

Brussel Sprouts

Mini Potatoes whole
Ready in 2 minutes

Mini Potatoes

Carrots sliced
Ready in 2 minutes


Organic Cooked Red Beets whole
Ready in 2 minutes

Organic Cooked Red Beets


Our story

We have come to the realisation that the current offering of vegetables, simply does NOT match the demands of the modern day consumers. It results in massive food-waste and dwindling vegetable consumption amongst younger generations. We aim to change both.

When we all eat more organic vegetables and try to prevent food-waste, our world can become a better place and we can ensure a healthy future for our precious planet and future generations.

With access to great quality organic vegetables and using modern cooking methods, we are committed to inspire consumers to eat more vegetables more often, while being good for everyone involved in the chain.

We guarantee you the tastiest organic vegetables with the simplest preparation.
Ready-to-eat and on the table in less than 2 minutes.

Why & How

Because we believe we should treat everyone, including our Planet, just as we would like to be treated ourselves. We only use organic vegetables; because it’s simply better for the planet.
Johnny Be Good is good for you, good for our farmers and good for our precious planet.
Eat well, do better!


Step 1

It all starts in the soil. We only select the highest quality organic vegetables from local farms. By giving our growers an honest price for their crop, we motivate them to expand their organic growing areas, to ensure a healthier planet for us all.

Step 2

For us the most important thing is taste and health. We use the sous-vide cooking technique. This means we vacuum seal the freshly cut vegetables and cook them gently without any additives, preservatives or any other artificial ingredients. 100% pure and simple.
We cook our organic vegetables at low temperatures in their own juices, whereby taste and vitamins are fully retained. The result is the tastiest organic vegetables with the simplest preparation for you.

Step 3

You want to ‘be good’ in the kitchen? Let us help you! With our guarantee that you can be ready in 2 minutes. Our veggies are gently cooked and chilled immediately after cooking. This means you can eat them straight out of the pack, or warm them up them in a flash. Add your favorite twist with fresh herbs, seasonings or just enjoy them pure and simple.

Our favourite & fast recipes!

10 min
1 pers
350 kcal

Fish in a Flash

Try our sweet carrots and tender mini potatoes in this super-easy dish.
You choose the fish!

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